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Jeremy Knight

Producer - Cinematographer - Photographer - Editor

It all started with film.

From a young age, one of the best investments Jeremy’s parents ever made in his future was an unlimited, 3-movies-per-trip monthly rental pass to Hollywood Video.
He used to spend hours sifting through the different movie titles, his choices usually determined by the film with the most attractive cover. When video stores closed, and his allowance grew beyond the the cost of an average movie ticket, he began venturing to the theater more often, which became his second home until this day.

After the inevitable transition to being a student of film at San Jacinto College, he eventually began professional work as a cinematographer/photographer & editor, shooting & editing everything from narrative film, to promotional branded content and weddings. Over the span of the next 6+ years working, Jeremy has contracted with over 15+ different production companies, worked on hundreds of projects of all kinds, and started 2 different production companies of his own. He is currently a Partner & Production Manager for an all inclusive production company named Uptime Films.

Jeremy owes it all to his parents & grandparents, who have participated and supported his passion for storytelling from the early Hollywood Video days until today.

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